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Most recently I have been using an approach with the IMA catheter resting on the inner curve of the transverse aorta and using it to point a wire up into the left subclavian

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Alder became a Christian, but his new affiliation didn’t prevent his ship from being caught in a ferocious storm in Gibraltar when he was on his way back to Britain in 1945.

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– no thanks to the cholesterol lobby and the saturated fat lobby, no wonder there is an increase

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Nearly everyone has them at least occasionally, but an unfortunate few experience near-constant head pain

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Yesterday I introduced refactoring in my softwareengineering course

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The brand building team was headed by Susan Arnold

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Monitoring is performed by measuring estrogen levels in blood and by tracking the development of follicles through ultrasound

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I compare it with the new heater and consult with my wife.