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Unlike you we actually read, gather information and make educated opinions - something you are apparently incapable of doing.

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Savvy retailers have found that selling to existing clients is far more profitable than spending to market to new potential customers

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Yep, amputation above the knee, and even that might not have kept me alive

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Candida stops me from doing anything I really want to do

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and now has the benefit of more than 80 years' experience and a unique expertise in the creation of skincare

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This means that when statins are used in theright patients, they prevent 9 times as many potentially life-threateningconditions as compared to causing diabetes.

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What about buying the fattier cuts of high antibody free pork and chicken? I can get well raised chicken drumsticks (2/lb) and ground pork (3/lb) for a reasonable price

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Currently, dogs are 2-5 times more likely than people to develop lymphoma

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“With top notch skills, they can be motivated to make a difference.”

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