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At the nodal points of the universe of public discourse, self-validating, analytical propositions appear which function like magic-ritual formulas

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Ok… This could have gotten ugly, so I kept it to one lip glass and one lipstick

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Hi all great to read about all your excitement in heading to antartica

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( good luck - Hey? - considering that minimum wage workers need aid from the government to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table )

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This award-winning documentary, originally released in 2010, tells the true story of a medical doctor and PhD biochemist named Dr

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But its implications are too grave and too pernicious to be ignored, especially in a twenty-first century context that is shaped by the politics of the ”war on terror’

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I thought I ate healthy, played tennis and ran every day, and was thin”but I was wrong I definitely

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of complex diseases and conditions in areas of unmet medical need such as neuropsychiatry, nephrology,

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You'll need to keep up with the news and have a doctor's prescription for those.