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I’m an American, there’s no public system to opt into or out of, and I’d just about kill for the Danish system

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If she drinks wine, she goes to her doctor to rejuvenate her liver with an intravenous drip of vitamin

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I can say that I told the truth, but not the whole truth, mystory rotten to the core with omissions and favour, and I hatedwriting it

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She holds a BComm from NUIG and a Master's in accounting from UCD, beginning her career in KPMG in 1992 and qualifying as a chartered accountant.

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Anyone starting out in business today should “make sure you are doing something that you love,” Trump said in an email exchange

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“The number of scientists working in the public interest is shrinking.”

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risk, and GSK’s Seroxat PIL (patient information leaflet) has grown into a litany of side effects,

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